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The Future of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Advertising

Technology has dramatically changed the way advertisers and retailers communicate with out of home consumers.

However, that’s led to consumers being deluged by so many ads and marketing messages that it has left them increasingly disengaged.

A new way to connect is needed … and the EAT provides it.

Unlike standard billboard-style DOOH (digital out-of-home) advertising found in shopping malls and retail outlets, the EAT reaches consumers at a different moment – not when they’re walking or hurrying along, but by encouraging them to engage in meaningful e-commerce and related online activities while taking time out to eat, drink and relax in cafés, restaurants, bars and other public spaces.

Using display screens set within tables, the EAT delivers both general and highly contextual, hyper-local content, tailored to individual needs as consumers arrive at a table.

This is a new, revolutionary and unique hi-tech product concept that pushes the boundaries of DOOH interactive technology, and one that offers significant opportunities and benefits.

With the EAT currently under development and with international patent pending status, there is a ground floor opportunity for private investors, corporations and large shopping centre owners to be involved in the future of digital out of home advertising.

To find out more about the EAT and ways to capitalize on this cutting-edge solution to digital display advertising in shopping malls and other public spaces, email